Today, MAP is 110 businesses strong and we are busy marketing our businesses and creating new opportunities to grow our brands to keep us “top of mind” in our community and Hanover County. Every year we create co-op advertising opportunities to help give our businesses the best opportunities and keep it as inexpensive as possible. The savings alone on the co-op ads and co-op TV commercials pays for the MAP membership fee! Our socials have provided members the ability to network in a casual after hours setting. Many great cross networking opportunities have been developed to market each other’s businesses to help keep people shopping in Ashland. For instance, Jessica Robertson Photography has her work showcased at Homemades by Suzanne! In addition, we have a program called “Connect Four” where 4 different businesses get together each month to learn about each other so they can refer customers to each other. If you attend the different events in Ashland, You will see us there – we are now visible at The Strawberry Faire, Train Day, Ladysmith Day and we have a float in the Kiwanis Christmas Parade. We have a website to help promote our businesses to our community so people can find us, view coupon/savings opportunities and learn about our various events. Market Ashland Partnership continues to be successful as we strive to brand our businesses to entice people to Shop Ashland First in the Center of the Universe!