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Introducing Freedom Fit Gym


“Joel, a certified personal trainer, opened Freedom Fit Gym in June of 2015. His goal is to bring an affordable, accessible fitness culture to the Ashland area unlike it’s already seen. He takes an up-front, honest, and inviting approach to his training methodology. All of his methods are centered around the individual to meet them where they are; if you have back problems from firefighting, or you have knee aches from reconditioning; Joel will design a program with your unique characteristics in mind.

A year after opening, Joel needed to expand into a larger, nicer facility. While his old facility was a great starting point, his needs outgrew what it offered and now he’s in a facility that’s much more suitable for his clientele; women and men 35 and over trying to get their lives back.

Your bodies are gifts that you received for free, and sometimes life has its way of treating them less than optimally. If you were given a Ferrari, would you leave it in the garage?

Be the Ferrari you’re supposed to be!”